Candyland Birthday Party

Welcome to Candyland!  This was a super fun party to create (but I think I do say that about most of the kid’s parties).  I decided to set up the house to look like a life-size candyland game board.
I did have a hard time getting started, so first I studied the candyland board games:  we have an older one and the new style one.  I actually used more from the older one, because I liked the variety of candy characters/places better.  The new board is a little too.. um.. busy… and the candies are a little more similar to each other.  Anyhoo… so I made of list of the “areas”:  Plum trees, rainbow trail, peppermint forest, gumdrop mountains, Licorice Castle (changed to Licorice Lagoon from the newer game), Peanut Brittle House, Lillipop Woods, Ice Cream Sea, Molassis Swamp (changed this to Chocolate Swamp), and last, but not least the Candy Castle.  I just started brainstorming ideas for each area and jotting those down.
I even made a playlist of candy related music to play, but then forgot to play it… boo.

Then I drew this rough map of my living rooms/kitchen… and how I wanted to set up the “game” (where all the sections would go).

I ordered supplies from my 3 favorite party websites:  Oriental Trading, Shindigz, and Birthday Express.  Also picked up some things from Ben Franklin, Bartells, The Dollar Tree, and Fred Meyer. 
So, I always find it easiest to just talk about the party as we go along.  So, here’s what the guests arrived to:

The giant lollipops are made from ballons taped to a baton I found at the dollar store and then wrapped in cellophane.  I stuck them in buckets filled with sand to keep them upright.
Aren’t these 2 great!  they’re from oriental trading!

As we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we had the kids decorating their goodie bags.  Note: don’t use elmers glue when doing this… took too long to dry… next time I will only use the stickers/sticky backed jewels.  lesson learned.

When everyone got there, we played the game.  I had taken out the colored cards from the board game and each kid drew a card and moved to that color square on the floor.  There are a ton of pictures, so I will just post a bunch!

Some stations had a little goodie bag gift to put in their bags.  We actually went back around a second time to grab those.  🙂
The rainbow trail led to the punchout game and the peppermint forest.

At the other end of the rainbow, I placed a “punch-out” game that I made.  See my previous blog post to see how we did that.  This we also came back to play on our second time around the game, so each kid just took a turn punching and getting a prize.

Candy canes and candycane pencils for the goodie bags.
I added glue and glitter to these popcorn and trash buckets from the dollar store to make them look like gumdrops.
I pinned bright colored blankets over beanbag chairs and pillows to make them look like the gumdrop mountains and the kids had to climb over them!  🙂
Here, I hung streamers to hopefully look like black licorice and the coat rack worked perfectly to make the licorice tree!

hung 2 brown curtaina that I had in my dining room, with pressure rods over the doorway for Grandma Nut’s peanut brittle house.

Inside the peanut brittle house I printed and cut out peanuts to hang from the ceiling and also taped some to the wall.

more cellophane covered ballon lollipops.  didn’t know how to get them to stand up, so I propped up a baby gate and covered it with a blanket.. then stuffed in the dowels.  (note that the bigger 3 lolli’s are attached to white wrapping paper rolls and the 6 smaller lolli’s are on wooden dowels)

You may remember the ball shaped decorations from here:  so I covered those with cellophane and whallah!  Dave helped me with the string between the walls to hang them from.

 Whew… hang in there only a couple more places to visit!

DO NOT EAT… these are play putty.  I was excited to find something for the theme that wasn’t candy!!
bubble wrap on the floor, so they can pop through the ice cream sea (the board game had lot of bubbles around Queen Frostine, so since a bubble machine probably would have been a little too messy for inside, I thought of this. 
not much decoration here.. just some more brown curtains on the floor for the chocolate swamp and a bench for a bridge to crawl over it!
Here is home of King Kandy!  Lots of yummies that the kids got to go around and load up their goodie bags!  (sorry parents)

this would have worked a lot better with dummies instead of these suckers… but oh well.

bought a plain white half sheet cake from Fred Meyer and then decorated it with colored fondant and lots of goodies!

The gingerbread pieces are from the board game

this is the older board game… like the one I grew up with.

Happy birthday to my amazing 6 year old!

Punch out game

Hey all!  Birthday season for us is starting again, so time to get blogging!  In this post, I wanted to show how I made a game for Nora’s candyland party.  You can play it that if you answer a trivia question right you get one punch or you can do what we did where everyone just gets one punch.  🙂  I made this game for a Candyland party and the circles are intended to look like button candy.  They kids had a lot of fun punching and discovering what prize they were going to get! 

To make:
Supplies needed:
4 sheets of poster board
2 sheets of foam core posterboard
colored tissue paper
packing tape
18 small paper lunch bags
duct tape
18 paper bowls
18 prizes that easily fit in the paper bags and aren’t too heavy

First I taped 2 foam core pieces together to make it longer
Also, tape 2 of the regular posterboard pieces together (the foam core may be longer than the posterboard, but that’s ok)

Next pencil out 9 even circles on each piece of posterboard 3 X 3 X 3  (18 total)  Mine are about 5 3/8″ in diameter, but if you can make them closer to 5″ then it will be a better fit when we tape on the bowls.
Cut out the circles.

Once you have the circles all cut out… lay the circles overtop of the foam core boards, with the bottom even and as close to centered side to side as you can.  Then mark the center of each circle (on the heavier foam core board) with a small X.

Now working with the heavier board, start duct taping the paperbags to the board centering the bag over the X’s you marked. 

Once you have all the bags taped on, set aside.  Back to the posterboard with the cut circles; cut out squares of colored tissue paper to cover the holes and tape them (with the clear packing tape) over the circles on the back side of the board.  I used pink on top, next orange, then 2 rows of yellow, then green, and lastly blue.

 Next, you need to cut of the bottoms of the bowls.


And tape them onto the top (opening) of the paper bags… I added these bowls when I realized I was having a hard time keeping the paper bags open… worked brilliantly. 


Fill all the paper bags with the prizes.
Now comes the tricky part.  Gently place the tissue paper-covered circles posterboard (taped side down) ontop of the prepared paperbags.  Make sure the bottom is close to aligned, so it can stand upright when we’re done.

Now, get down low on the ground and duct tape the tops of the bowls to the underside of the tissued circles aligning them together and careful not to let the duct tape show through.  Best to start in the middle and work your way out to the edges.

I found that I should have put more tape to help them to stay in place better. The heavier prizes in mine did tend to slip down a bit.
Carefully tip it upright. And lastly, measure and cut strips from the last two pieces of posterboard to tape onto the sides to cover the messy inside taping stuff.  

 Whaalaaah!  Enjoy punching!