Trina’s 1st birthday party!

So, another week, another birthday celebration!  This time we celebrated my youngest’s first birthday!  She was super happy and I think she had a great time at her party! 

This was a much simpler party that last week’s because we had the entertainment coming in… my friend, Ms. Rebecca from The Musik Nest came to do a little musical party for the wee ones.  We have had her at all my kids’ 1st and 2nd birthday parties because she is so good with the kids and it is just great for a baby party.

We went with a ladybug theme.  I found a party set that I loved from to order the plates/napkins cups/t-shirt/balloon/etc from and then I traced the 3 different styles of ladybugs in Adobe Illustrator to be able to use to make more of my own decorations.  So, I used those on the evite, to print out for table decorations, to tape to the walls and for making a banner.  I also ordered a ladybug cake pan and decorated Trina’s own personal cake to dig into… her first taste of sugar.

Here are some pictures from the party!

Setting up:
Baby finger foods:
Trina’s ladybug cake:
The birthday girl just woke up from her nap and is ready to party!
Notice the super cute party themed shirt!: 
Music time: 
Trina with her little friends: 
Cake time: 
She likes the little ladybugs! 
Oh yeah!: 
So dainty: 
My favorite: 
Ladybug pillow from nana and papa: 
Party favors for the babies:
Party favors for the sibblings:

Happy birthday Sweet Trina!!

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