4 year old Princess party

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned 4 and after changing her mind quite a few times, she decided on a princess party.  So the first thing I did was hire a “real” princess to come out to our house.  I had been to another birthday party and saw her there and she was amazing with the kids and told them a story with puppets for probably 20-30 minutes long and the kids were so engaged … boys and girls!  She was great and had to much energy.  So, I requested her to come.  Then, the night before the party, the company called and said our princess threw her back out and wouldn’t be able to come the following morning and they don’t have any backups!  Thankfully this all happened while I was out and my awesome husband, called another company and was lucky to find another princess with time to come out to our party!  Whew!  I was thankful I didn’t need to come up with other activities to do for the party or dress as a princess myself!  Eeek.  (Turned out she was great also, so another bonus.)  The party was so cute and my daughter had a lot of fun. 
Here are some pictures from the party:

I made the princesses and other decorations on my cricut.. very time consuming, but love how they turned out!

last minute decision to add some princesses to the table!

was happy to find a non-disney princess at birthdayexpress.com

wands and swords to decorate while the princess did face-painting


cake from Fred Meyer

homemade jewel candy for favors


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