Baby Shower Memory Game

IMG_3643RThis baby shower game was first introduced by my sister-in-law at my first baby shower 10 years ago and I have used it a LOT at the showers that I have hosted and it is always a lot of fun and a nice change from the traditional baby shower games out there.  (I always like to discover more unique baby shower games).

Here’s how it works.  You make a board like the one above on some poster board… you can add more or fewer numbers depending on how many people will be at the shower.  It is played like the children’s memory games, where the guest need to take turns to try to find the matching words below.  (For example, if someone says #3 and you flip up the card and the word under it is “baby girl”, then they need to guess another number to find the other “baby girl”)  When a match is made, remove the top numbered papers and give the guesser a candy prize (listed below).  Play the game until all the words have been guessed.
Now here’s the fun part.  The words (like “baby girl”) are all baby or pregnancy related and the candy prize is a candy bar that goes with the word… so “baby girl” would get a “Baby Ruth” candy bar.  I have played it so many different times, that I came up with more words and candy bar combinations by spending some time in the candy isle at the drug store.  You can tailor it to the type of people/personalities that will be at the shower… you’ll see what I mean when you see the word list below… some take a fun crowd to appreciate them!  🙂    TIP:  I have found the most candy bar selections at a drug store such as Bartells or Rite Aid.

So here are is the list of names/candy bar combinations that I have come up with, but be creative and come up with other combinations if you would like.  (Obviously if you are from a non-USA country, you may need to be creative with the candy bars sold there.)  Have fun!

Baby’s Cheeks ———————– Kissables (hersheys)
Breasts ——————————— Mounds
Baby Poop —————————  Tootsie Roll
Contractions ————————-  Whoppers
Engorgement ————————  Milkfuls
Crowning —————————–  Look bar
Enima ———————————- Gobstoppers
Epidural ——————————-  Life savors
Gestational Diabetes ————–  Sugar babies
Inverted Nipples ——————-    Milk duds
(Husband’s name) —————–   Big Hunk bar or Sugar Daddy
OB-GYN ——————————  Butterfingers
Conception—————————   Score bar
Sleepless Nights ——————— Now & Later or Rocky Road or Good n Plenty
Uh Oh!  It’s a (opposite gender)–  Shockers

It’s a girl or Baby Girl ————    Baby Ruth
Child genius ————————– Smarties
College cost/hospital bills———  100 Grand
Breastfeeding————————- Milky Way
Sex Life before Baby—————  Good n Plenty
Sex Life after Baby—————— Zero
Triplets ——————————–  3 Musketeers
Fat Baby——————————- Chunky bar
Only 3 pushes———————–  Reece’s Fast Break
Boy’s Names ————————  Mike & Ike
Umbilical Cord ———————   Red Rope
Tummy after Pregnancy———-  Jelly Belly
How Mom feels after Labor—-    Carefree gum
Baby’s name?———————–  Whatchamacallit”
(Mom’s name)———————–  Mamba
Grandmas—————————– Lifesavers
Bottle————————————Bottle Candy
Pacifier———————————-Ring Pop
Labor & Delivery——————–  Push Pop or Rocky Road bar
Pictures of Baby———————-Mentos
Baby Fat——————————–Rolos
Baby or (Baby’s name)————  Junior Mints
Little Boys (if having a boy)—–   Gummy worms
Little Girls (if having a girl)——-  Chiclets gum or sugar babies
Colicky Baby               ————  Cry Babies
Laundry ——————————- Mounds

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