2016 Kid Craft Calendar

Here is the calendar we finished up this year!  It was fun to have the neighbor kids join us for the calendar making fun this year (our traditional Christmas break activity).  Here are pictures of what we did this year!


January – Water color background, paper cut out trees and painted snow.


February – Heart paper penguins and stamped hearts


March – Foamy mosaic rainbows and Clovers made from 3 wine corks rubber banded together as a stamp


April – puddle made from blowing a blob of paint with a straw and then Hello Kitty is cut from my Cricut


May – Kites cut with tissue paper behind and foamy bows


June – Spirograph flowers with gel pens


July – Fireworks stamped with bent straws stuck together.


August – Flower made from cut out patterned paper


September – made from paper stencil (cut from my Cricut) and dotted paint with Qtip inside


October – Prismacolor white pencil on black paper (used ruler to draw long lines)


November – Painted trees and leaved made with a paper towel or toilet paper roll as a stamp


December – paper strip trees

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