Here goes….

Alrighty friends…. I decided to join the blogging world after years of resisting.  I have really enjoyed reading all my friends blogs and I feel like I need to be more than a blog stalker and also become a blog contributor.  I am surely NOT a writer, so don’t judge… LOL.  I just want to add snippets of my life and my kids and probably post craft ideas or yummy recipes (when I get a chance)… this is purely for fun!   So… here goes …

2 thoughts on “Here goes….

  1. I´m in! 😀 It is good to read English! Was it "Ninnu" who gave you that nickname?? You will always be "Mellu" to me!! 🙂 Love you and miss you!! (in my blog there is only cake pictures, maybe few pictures of a girls..) -Kata-


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