What NOT to say to someone who has 4 girls

A little over one year ago we found out we were having our 4th girl.  Although we had hoped to experience the adventures of raising a boy, we were grateful that God gave us another healthy, sweet little girl to add to our princess posse.  Whether you are raising girls or boys, they both have their challenges, and they are all blessings from the Lord!

With that said, I am going to start by writing up my version of a list that Dave wrote about all the dumb comments people say to him or I when they hear we have 4 girls.  Seriously, we hear these things pretty much every time one of us is out with all of them (or even just 3 of them).  I am sure most people mean well, but it is hard to hear some of these over and over (especially number 10!) as Dave said, “a hearty congratulations is plenty”

  1. Wow!  Hope you have a lot of bathrooms in your house!
  2. Does your husband have a shotgun?
  3. Does your husband have a baseball bat ready?
  4. You’re gonna have fun when they are all teenagers! or
  5. Are you going to move out when they all become teenagers?
  6. Puberty will be an exciting time at your place!  (I hear an even more negative version of this)
  7. Wow.. you will have a lot of weddings to pay for!
  8. You sure have your hands full!  (not always in a positive sounding voice)
  9. Better get some male dogs for your husband!
  10. “Poor Dave” or “Your poor husband”  (I am bothered by this one the most!)
  11. Good time to purchase that Mary Kay mini-van (Dave heard this one)
  12. Bet you have a lot of pink at your house. (this one isn’t so bad… 🙂  )

5 thoughts on “What NOT to say to someone who has 4 girls

  1. I'll add one that I heard from someone when I was talking about my "friend with 4 little girls." "Wow, they should start stockpiling toilet paper and tampons now so they don't have to take out a second mortgage in ten years. Better yet, take out stock in Tampax."People suck! We are HUGE fans of the princess posse and can't imagine the Cox fam without every one of them!!! :)You don't have to post this comment, Melissa, if you don't want. 🙂


  2. Oh goodness! a) I love that you have a blog! yay!b) what a joy to have four girls. WHAT A JOY. I haven't gone somewhere in like six months without hearing ATLEAST once , "wow – you have your hands full!". Last week at the pediatrician – our doctor seriously sat me down and said, "are you depressed? I'd be depressed if I were you." yikes.


  3. I will admit that Scott and I made the shotgun comment to Dave before you guys found out the sex of baby four, but it isn't a negative comment coming from Scott as he is already talking about buying a new gun for each girl we have and naming it after her so when boys coming asking for her he can bring the gun instead. 😉 On another note though, I have had the pleasure of caring for all 4 of your princesses in Children's ministry now and they are indeed a great blessing!


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